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Yellopost Advertising Services can deploy social media marketing campaigns that are developed around your core objectives to help your business reach people on social media platforms. These objectives will be constantly measured and continually optimized.

Social media marketing and social ads are the most personal ways businesses can connect with new or existing customers. Many businesses have seen the benefits of utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Many small business owners don’t have the time, though, to create optimized campaigns to make the most of this form of advertising. Fortunately, the experts at Yellopost can take control of your social media advertising and run it for you. 



To get results, you first need to know what results you’re trying to get. Facebook and Instagram offer many ad objectives to help you win more business. 

Once we understand your advertising goals, we can help you choose the objective that will best help you reach them:

  • Traffic: Send visitors directly to your website with a Traffic campaign.
  • Reach: Put your message in front of a wide audience and get the word out about your business through a Reach campaign.
  • Likes: Raise awareness of your social media pages and win more followers through a Likes campaign.
  • Video Views: Have a compelling video? Video Views ads can help you find engagement for it.
  • Lead Generation: Let customers reach out directly to you so you can follow up and win their business with a Lead Generation campaign.
  • Conversion: Win sales directly for your social network shop or e-commerce site through a Conversion campaign.


The key to obtaining results in your social marketing campaign is to test, optimize, and test again. All our ads are continually testing audiences, media, copy, or calls-to-action to determine which combinations of these elements produce the best results. Once we have a “winning” ad, we start the process again, ensuring we’re matching the right audience to the right images to the right copy to the right call-to-action to win more business for you.


When we test your ads, we start by testing who’s seeing it – i.e., the audience. We create audiences using your preferred locations, interests, and demographics. We can also build out audiences using your email lists, CRM, website visitors, and more. We can even create a lookalike audience by finding social media users who match your existing customers’ interests and other key demographics.

Once we have a winning audience, it’s time to start testing media.


Eye-catching images draw customers to your message. Depending on your business, we can use single image, video, carousel, or slideshow ads to highlight your products and services.

Once we find the most enticing media, it’s time to start testing copy.


Our team will craft compelling messages to entice users to click and learn more about your business. We’ll test these with your winning audience and media to determine which one works best.

Once we find the most compelling copy, it’s time to start testing call-to-action.


Facebook and Instagram offer several different choices for calls-to-action. We’ll test the ones we think are most likely to convince customers to click.

Once we find the most convincing call-to-action, it’s time to start the process over again: testing your winning ad against new audiences, media, copy, and calls-to-action to ensure we’re always delivering the best results for your business.


Sometimes, a single reach-out isn’t enough to win a sale. 

That’s why we offer a full-service automated email program designed to deliver targeted offers and carefully timed reminders to your potential customers. Once a customer fills in a lead form, they’ll immediately get an intro email letting them know all about your business. Then, additional emails and offers will be sent to nurture them and hopefully get them to convert.


The social media marketing strategists at Yellopost can map out your entire social media strategy. They can also write posts for you and engage with your customers. You can trust Yellopost to create a profile for you that follows industry best practices. Through our tools, we can update multiple social media accounts on multiple platforms at the same time.

To help you rank higher in search results and establish yourself as a specialist in your industry, Yellopost can write blog updates for you as part of our social media marketing strategy. We use a portal that can be updated 24/7 through a user-friendly system. These posts can be updated manually or scheduled for the future. We can also use blogs to connect with customers, updating them on upcoming events and special offers.

Social media advertising will allow your business to build a brand and reach more customers directly through social media. It will also allow you to better communicate with your customers. Contact Yellopost today to begin a social media ad campaign tailored to your business’s preferences and goals. We can help you discover and engage with your ideal audience. 


We know how to utilize Social Media for Business to help grow your brand awareness and drive new customers to you.

What we DO

  • Weekly Social Media Posting on Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Check & Engage with your business reviews on Yelp and Google
  • Provide a monthly performance growth report